What's DHAD?

Dhad is consisted of very skilled and talented artists, who aim to provide the most powerful ideas in creativity and attractiveness. We care to give our clients the best and highest quality of products and services. And, our aim is to help and support the rising artists and to raise overall awareness in the community in regards to art, especially Graffiti. 
2010. Dhad began as a numerous, community artists.
2011. We began to get into smaller groups, but our goal was getting bigger in developing the passion for graffiti in the most professional way. In addition, we began selling products as well.
2012. We became official distributors for MontanaCansGermany Graffiti tools in the Gulf, and for Alpha, the Korean markers, in the KSA
2013. An official store for Dhad has been in the KSA’s market.

What we do?
We use art in interior/exterior design for projects, institutes, schools, exhibitions, galleries and many other places. We cooperated with companies like ARAMCO, CASIO G-Shock, HP, and Mercedes, as well as various galleries for events in KSA.  Regarding our achievement universally, we worked with many galleries and events in the Gulf, Tunisia, Morocco, Malaysia and many countries in Europe including Germany and France.
As we mentioned above, we conducted workshops and courses to help young artists find their passion, as well as, display their artwork for sale in our store.
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