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Montana Acetone 400ml
Cleaning Agent & Thinner
Montana ACETONE spray is a universal thinner and cleaning agent that is transparent in color. Removes residues of paint, lacquer, silicone, wax, tar, and can be used for de-greasing. Suitable for pre-treatment before painting objects or to remove paint residues after painting. Can be used on porcelain, glass, ceramics, blank metals and others. Evaporates quickly without leaving residues. Non-corrosive. Acetone can be applied in many practical and creative contexts. Traditionally in the aerosol art community, it has been used for years as a cap cleaner enabling users to remove paint residue from spray nozzles, bringing them back to their original state to produce clean lines. 
Montana Adhesive 400ml
Permanent / Repositionable
Montana adhesive spray is a acid-free spray glue consisting of a synthetic base with solvents for permanent adhesion. Suitable for most materials like foam, jute, felt, textiles, insulating material, expanded polystyrene, plastics, foils, paper, cardboard, wood and to adhere inlays. Not suitable for use with artificial leather or other materials with plasticizing agents or softeners (e.g. plasticized PVC). Always test before use. Can be applied to one or both surfaces to be adhered. Final adhesion strength is reached after 24 hours. Can be applied in a temperature range of -10°C (14°F) to 50°C (122°F) subject to materials used and their weights. Does not bleed through when used on textiles. Suitable for craft & paperwork. Clean and efficient when applied over small or large areas. Available as 400ml and 150ml. Montana adhesive spray repositionable allows repositioning and re-application for textiles and other materials such as foam material, photos, paper, cardboard, wood, plate and expanded polystyrene (to a limited extend). Not suitable for use with artificial leather or other materials with plasticising agents or softeners (e.g. plasticized PVC). Adheres inlays to each other. Always test before use, especially when used with heavy materials. 
Montana Dustclean 400ml
Compressed Air
Montana DUSTCLEAN spray is a compressed aerosol spray for the easy removal of dust and loose dirt from sensitive or hard to reach surfaces, using high pressure. This spray can also be used to clean objects prior to final sealing – with varnish for example. The strong, direct spray output cleans effectively, perfect for interior use.
Montana Remover 400ml
Pollution free etching spray for most usual types of lacquer. Montana REMOVER spray dissolves and removes lacquers thoroughly. Do not use on cars! Application is possible on many surfaces such as walls, clay bricks, stone, concrete surfaces, marble, asphalt, glass, metal and wooden surfaces. It becomes a gel-like consistency, to keep from running off vertical surfaces. Application on non-ferrous metals might cause discoloration. Content is ph-neutral / acid-free. 
Montana Texture 400ml
Thick coating spray
Grey texture spray to generate sculptured impasto surfaces. Suitable for creative works of all kinds, as well as filling material to patch up small irregularities such as cracks, holes or as a foundation. Applicable on many different surfaces such as wood, glass, stone, ceramics, porcelain, acrylic and other non-elastic surfaces. By spraying your object with a thick layer of the TEXTURE spray, the foundation will be coated with a high-grade, well adhering substance that can be molded while wet to achieve the desired structure. The structure spray can be wet sanded after a very short drying time. After thoroughly dry and cured, TEXTURE spray can be top-coated with many common lacquer types. The TEXTURE spray has good adherence and is highly water resistant. TEXTURE spray offers a high layering and thick filling capacity due to excellent paint stability. TEXTURE spray offers increased anticorrosive protection to the surfaces it is applied to.
Montana Varnish 400ml
UV -ProtectiON
Acid-free, quick drying, clear varnish made of acrylic base. No yellowing or de-saturation. For interior and exterior use. Can be used for art, hobby, crafts and DIY projects. Available in gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish. Gloss level shown on donut (see top of can). Protects and fixes paint on surfaces like canvas, paper, charcoal drawing, bast fibre, wood, photos, etc. Protects against oxidation. 
Montana Primer 400ml
Professional Surface Treatment
Montana PRIMER sprays enable excellent adhesion and further coating of synthetic, nitro-combi or acrylic-based spray paints. Montana offers different primers for application on different surfaces that need to be pre-treated such as plastic, metal and styrofoam. The Universal Primer also works on leather, cardboards, wood and many other materials. After the Primers have been applied you can work with Montana spray paints on the pre-treated area. Use Primers for efficient and more permanent results. Easy to apply, sand and re-coat. Please ensure that foam surface is completely sealed and all air pockets closed. This can be achieved by applying multiple thin even coats. Open air pockets may lead to paint solvents agitating the foam. For indoor and outdoor applications. 
"METAL" Primer
The Montana Metal Primer - a quick drying primer for the perfect pre-treatment of metal surfaces that need to be protected from rust. The primer can be used on metals like iron, steel or mineral surfaces. Montana Metal Primer can be used on Montana sprays with a synthetic, acrylic, or nitro-combination base. 
"PLASTIC" Primer
Montana Plastic Primer is the perfect pre-treatment for plastic surfaces. After priming and drying, plastic surfaces can be painted with Montana sprays that have a synthetic, acrylic, or nitro-combination base. Can be used with the following types of plastic: polypropylene rubber, modified (EPDM), Acrylic Butadiene Styrene Plastics (ABS), Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GfK), Hard Polyvinyl Chloride (Hard-Pvc), Polyurethane (PUR), Polystyrene (PS), Polyamide (PA)
The Montana Polystyrene Primer provides an additional (protective) layer on Polystyrene, allowing later application of varnish and acid free paint to be possible. The primer seals the styrofoam and protects against reactions from paint lacquer. Always test before using on a non-visible area of the object.
The Universal Primer also works on leather, cardboards, wood and many other materials. After the Primer has been applied you can work with Montana spray paints on the pretreated area. Easy to apply, sand and re-coat. For indoor and outdoor applications.
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