Montana Chalk

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Montana Chalk 400ml
The CHALK spray is a chalk-based pigment spray that is ideal for outdoor temporary marking as well as for indoor studio artwork. Available in 10 powerful color shades that are deep matte and high covering. Montana CHALKspray can be applied on various surfaces such as sidewalks, walls, cardboard or canvas. Depending on weather conditions and climate outdoor marking lasts between several days to several weeks. It fades quickly during extended periods of rain or in high traffic areas. On non-porous surfaces like glass or metal the pigments can be removed easily. Removal from porous surfaces may take longer. Montana CHALKspray impresses by its feel and look - the typical rough chalk effect.Chalk has very special aesthetics - and Montana CHALKSPRAY brings those aesthetics into a spray that works on almost any surface! The Montana Chalkspray 400ml is available in 10 powerful chalk-based pigmented color shades that are deep matte and high covering: Perfect as sidewalk chalk for events, sales actions, advertisement or exhibitions. Depending on weather conditions and climate outdoor marking last between several days to several weeks. Montana Chalkspray works also well on canvas, cardboard, walls or other primed grounds due to its great coverage. The Chalkspray will become permanent when sealed with Varnish (when used on a canvas i.e.). It also allows further application by brush, scraper or other tools. For clean and precise lines we recommend to use Montana Level caps 3 to 6 (3 and 4 for fine and medium lines, 5 and 6 for wide lines and filling large areas).
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