Guinness Record (UAE, Dubai)

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“On 30 Nov 2014, the record was set and registered in the Guinness world record book with the graffiti project ‘Rehlatna’ (‘Our Journey’) at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, UAE .
The graffiti scroll is officially the longest in the world; it Measured 2.2454 METERS in length. Talented artists from the UAE and around the world created the graffiti art in Dubai, spraying depictions of Arabian animals, the UAE’s iconic landmarks and Arabic calligraphy to complete the record-breaking feat.It was developed in honor of the 43rd national day of the UAE, led by the Office of H. H. Crown Prince of Dubai (Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum).” 
Fortunately, Dhad was part of this marvelous accomplishment.
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