Baladk (Jordan/Amman)

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Baladk, a locally focused street art festival in Amman & provinces, with a particular emphasis on graffiti curated and organised fully by Al Balad Theater. One of the key highlights of the festival will be to bring guest professional graffiti artists from the region, this year they had artists coming from Lebanon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to exchange & collaborate with the Jordanian artists.
This project took place in Amman between the time of May 20th and May 26th, a call to Jordanian artists was released in March 1st and the 18 artists were selected by a committee consisted of organizers & local street artists.
Baladk street art project was first inaugurated in Amman in 2013 as a street art project that aimed to empower citizenship through different forms of street art, primarily murals. For 2016, Baladk centralized the activities inside the capital Amman, under a broad theme of city, "The influence of the City upon yourself as an artist". They believe that citizenship is closely linked to the feeling of ownership towards hometowns, which could be beautifully expressed using street arts. so this project aims to turn the streets into festive colorful sites; where people celebrate their existence & freedom from all kinds of oppression. Our main target is the local community and neighborhood, in addition to young street artists who have been oppressed by the public authorities who claim the streets theirs for no justified reasons.

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